How To Make A Healthy Strawberry Smoothie?

If you want a healthy body, a peace of mind and physical strength, then this nutritious and delicious Health Booster Strawberry Smoothie is for you. Strawberry has been shown to be the 3rd food with the most antioxidants in a recent study.

It has also been shown by researchers that strawberry helps to regulate and reduce high blood sugar level, so if you are type 2 diabetic or not, strawberry is a nice healthy fruit to be included in your diet.

Food scientist researchers have discovered that when the strawberry is consumed in about one cup every day for a week, it will lower the levels of inflammatory markers like C-reactive protein (CRP) due to its powerful anti-inflammatory properties.

3 cups strawberries.
2 cups of sliced pineapple.
2 cups of orange juice.
1 cup of coconut water.

1. Wash and blend pineapple, strawberries, orange juice and coconut water together in your blender and blend them together until the mixture becomes smooth.

2. Pour smoothie into your juice container and serve/drink. Enjoy.

You can store some in the cooler if you want.

Strawberry aids in weight management because they are naturally low in calorie, fat-free and is very low in sugar and sodium, even though the sugar it contains is natural.

Strawberry also helps boosts the immune system and fights cancer, because it contains vitamin C, which is one of the anti-oxidants that strengthens the immune system and helps with cancer prevention since a healthy immune system is the best defense the body has.

Research has shown that strawberry is best to be consumed when it has that amazing pinkish-red colour look.

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