Healthy Mango Avocado Noodle Salad

This recipe is a one of a kind and it is filled with essential vitamins and other nutrients. Mango, Zucchinis, Tomato and Avocado are foods that are high in amazing nutrients that your body really need, so eating this salad will not just give a nice taste in your mouth, but boost the nutrition content in your body.

5 - 6 large zucchinis
4 - 5 mangoes
3 - 4 fresh tomatoes
1/3 an avocado

1. Blend mangoes, tomatoes and avocado together in blender to make a dressing and let it stay in the blender when finished.

2. Spiralize your zucchinis and place it into a zucchinis bowl.

3. Pour blended dressing over your zucchini noodle and mix them together and you are ready to go.

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