Healthy Cancer Killer Green Juice Recipe

Are you looking for a way to reduce the carcinogenic substances, improve your body defense system (immune system) and regain loss energy? If yes, then you need to try this powerful Healthy Cancer Killer Green Juice Recipe.

This juice will wash and flush toxins out of your body like how you flushed the toilet; it will power up your immune system and sky rocket your metabolism rate. It is a healthy anti-cancer green juice geared to get rid of free radicals and boosts the nutrient levels in your body.

The vegetables that are in this green juice are mostly labeled as food rich in antioxidant, vitamins, minerals and powerful phytochemicals and many studies and research have shown that these vegetables contain powerful Anti-Cancer properties.

1 bunch of romaine
l head of spinach
1 bundle of watercress
1 head of green curly kale
1 black dinosaur kale
6 celery stalks

1. Cut up all your ingredients and add them to juicer to be juiced.
2. Strain juice and pour strained juice into glass jar or cup.
3. Enjoy

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