Healthy Lime Water Cleanser and 4 Health Benefits

Do you need to boost you immune system, are you ready to increase your metabolism, do you need to slow down aging and prevent constipation? If yes, then you need to start drinking this Healthy Lime Water Cleanser.

We now realized with ourselves that we love food that causes us to be constipated, but hate foods that detoxify our bodies and help us to be healthy. You see, our taste buds have been messed-up; they have been trained to adapt to the wrong taste of food and as a result of this, when we taste the food that are healthy for us, we throw them away, because they tasted so unusual and unpleasant to us.

3 Limes
5 cups distilled water

Sliced and place limes into a glass container and add water to it and let it sit for about 15 minutes and then you can drink it.


Lime is sour, but what can it do for us? Some people add it to sweet drinks, but only a little piece and in fact, they only add it at the edge of the glass and not so much to the drinks that they are drinking and some people might just throw away the lime when they are finished drinking their nice little unhealthy drinks, even though not all drinks are unhealthy.

What is lime? 
Lime is a round green citrus fruit and when it is ripe, it has a yellowish colour and it is about 3 - 6 centimetres. Lime may be acidic in its natural state, but it has an alkalizing effect on the body once it enters the body.

Here are four interesting health benefits of lime juice...
1. A larger portion of people on planet earth often suffer from a lack of vitamin C and citrus fruits like lime are very rich in vitamin C. Hence; regular consumption of lime juice can give the body an additional dose of vitamin C and therefore lower the desire for vitamin supplements.

2. It protects eyes from aging and infection.

3. Some pregnant women tend to be constipated and have indigestion. Lime juice is a liver stimulant and it therefore controls and prevents irritable bowel movements. This reduces the risk of becoming constipated and it also prevents diarrhoea.

4. Drinking lime juice on a regular basis will enhance bowel movements, cures indigestion and even helps keep you hydrated.

Additional reported health benefits of lime juice...
1. It has been reported that lime can cure scurvy. This might be so, because lime is very high in vitamin C and scurvy is a result of lack of vitamin C.

2. Also, it is said that lime heals oral ulcers and relieve congestion and nausea. Most of the time, ulcer is resulted from a high acid content is the body and even though lime in its natural state is acidic, it has an alkalizing effect on the body once it enters, so it helps lower the acid content in the body and therefore helps in the prevention of or curing of ulcer.

3. Vitamin C is very beneficial for the skin and lime is high in it. Hence; it has been reported that drinking lime juice will rejuvenates the skin, reduces body odour and dandruff.

4. Vitamin C boost the immune system, so drinking lime juice will give the immune system a boost and even prevent heart disease.

5. A squeeze of lime into a glass of water will help regulates blood sugar in diabetic patients.

6. It removes root cause of piles and prevents gout.

7. Lime is also an effective treatment for cholera infected water.

Hey, guess what? Do yourself a favour a drink some lime juice right now.

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