Juicing Recipes That Can Make you Lose 12 Pound Under 1 Month

This is the right way to look when it come you the health of your family and yours

Report has shown that 69% of Americans are obese and overweight. Did you know that? It is said that almost 7 out of 10 individuals are considered obese; hence, their health is at risk and they are bound to death. People who are too fat life expectancy rate are lower to about 10 years according to the NIH.

Apart from that, people that are overweight and obese have up to 10x more risks to develop diseases listed below according to the NIH:

High Blood Pressure
Type 2 Diabetes
Hyperventilation Syndrome
Sleep Apnoea

The list goes on...

An obese individual, spend an average of $2, 741 extra every year in medical bill when compared to normal-healthy person.
That money could be spent on something else such as: helping with the education of your children or buying a house. Stop wasting your time and money and a get a copy The Juicing Factor now.

Statistical chart and the amount of money spent alone are not sufficient to explain the devastating condition of being overweight or obese.
Being overweight even causes problem in finding a spouse or getting into a relationship. Obese and overweight people are tend to be less happy :(

As a result of this, the depression rates for obese and overweight people are 3x higher. This is so because of the many difficulties and challenges overweight people may have such as: have low self esteem, difficulties in finding a mate... etc

Very Important Notice: if you let yourself be overweight for too long, you're retraining your brain to think this is your new "normal" weight. As a result, any weight loss effort you attempt will become increasingly difficult. The more you wait, the harder it gets. To prevent things from getting more difficult, click here: The Juicing Factor

Most of us tried to lose weight before and had failed miserably, why?

Dieting is hard for some people and many people attempted to lose weigh by going on diet, but over a period of time they gave up and therefore failed to lose weight, in fact, they might just add on a few more pounds.

If dieting is not working for me, then what should i do to get successful results?

Well, let me introduce you to something different.

I would like to share with you my 30 day juicing plan that is guaranteed to make you lose weight. This is not an ordinary program though. 99% of the thin people around the world maintain their health by following this juicing principles. To get your copy of this juice plan click here: The Juicing Factor

You Need To Make A Real Lifestyles Change (That you can stick to) 

When it comes to weight loss, there is no "secret formula" no "magic pill". Your success resides in healthy life choices.

My method is a food supplementation method. You will use highly nutrition, freshly made juices recipes I've been experimenting with for years to assist with your weight loss and transform your body in 30 days. It's all about having the right blend in the right quantities at the right time of the day. If you attempt to go juicing without following this plan, you will most likely stagnate or even gain weight in some occasions.

Juicing is a very powerful way to get sufficient doses of healthy vitamins and nutrients into your body. Expect dramatic positive effects. The recipes i tested and developed over the years literally enhance the power of classic juicing. My recipes have been categorized to desired effect. This way, you can get what you are hoping to achieve.

“The Juicing Factor” Introduction

The Healthy Lifestyle Program That Uses The Power Of Fresh Fruits & Vegetables To Achieve Sustainable Weight Loss

I've spent the last 20 years developing the techniques in the Juicing Factor. This method uses the power of fresh vegetable and fruit juice to heal your body, accelerate weight loss, give you more energy and lower your chances of contracting chronic diseases. This is the complete package for anyone looking to lose weight the healthy way.

1. ►Lose Weight Effortlessly: Using the power of fresh fruits and vegetables juice, you will be able to lower your calorie intake, boost your metabolism and cleanse your liver.

2. ►Have More Energy: Due to the higher vitamin intake, lower carbs and lower glucose spikes, your energy levels will both be higher and average and constant throughout the day.

3. ►Remove Junk Food Cravings: Fresh Vegetable Juices have this magical power : they remove your fatty/sugary food cravings by changing the way your taste buds work and make you crave healthy food instead.

4. ►Lower Risk Of Chronic Diseases: While most diets will put your health at risk by starving your body, the minerals and vitamins found in our exclusive juicing recipes will improve your overall health and lower chronic diseases risks. Don't just sit there and waste anymore time... Get your copy of this book right now, click here: The Juicing Factor

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