Healthy Weight Loss Meal Plan To Kick Start Your Day

This healthy weight loss meal plan will help to kick start your day the right way. For this weight loss vegan meal plan, you should only use Non-GMO, fresh and high-quality food. Please don't use any junk food, ready-made meals or any processed food. Please use mostly fruits and vegetables, eat with moderation, only drink water between meals and don't eat too late in the evening, because by that time your metabolic rate becomes very slow and this will cause more fats to be stored in your body.

All that you need to know about these weight loss meals are listed below along with the instructions. You can add to each meal, but make sure that what you are adding are healthy foods that will help you to achieve your weight loss goal.

Breakfast - Oatmeal and Fruits

40g Raw Oatmeal (150cals)
200ml Fresh Coconut Milk (48cals)
100g Strawberries (33cals)

1. Cook the 40 gram of oatmeal with coconut milk under low heat for about 10 to 15 minutes. Stir oatmeal constantly while it is being cooked.

2. Once your oatmeal is finished cooked, remove it from the pot into a small bowl of your choice and add your strawberries to it.

Oatmeal is filled with fibers that can help to lover your cholesterol level and help prevent you from becoming diabetic. Oatmeal is very good for digestion and your skin.

Coconut milk is very healthy and it is rich is calcium and potassium.

Lunch - Creamy Salad.

40g of uncooked Quinoa (136cals)
120 Chickpeas drained (145cals)
3 Tomatoes (43cals)
100g of Soy Yogurt (50cals)

1. Cook your quinoa with about 200ml of water for about 15 to 18 minutes.

2. Heat up your chickpeas and slice up your tomatoes.

3. Mix chickpeas, quinoa, and soy yogurt together in a bowl. After you are finished, place your mixture in a flat place and add tomatoes around the edge of the creamy salad mixture.

Both quinoa and chickpeas provide you with healthy protein.

Dinner - Stir Fry Mixed Vegetables and a small bowl of brown rice.

1/2 block of tofu (108cals)
200g of mixed vegetables (80cals)
1 tbsp oyster sauce (41cals)
40g Uncooked Brown rice (142cals)
1 tsp of olive oil (40cals)

1. Light stir fry your mixed vegetables until slightly soften. Add your tofu and 1 tbsp of oyster sauce and gently stir and let it simmer for a while. Add water if necessary.

2. Cook your brown rice and place it into a small bowl and place your cooked mixed vegetables in a separate place and enjoy.

Tofu is rich in protein and brown rice is high in fiber and also contains protein.

Please adjust calories according to your goal, be creative with each meal and only use fresh, high-quality ingredients and remember that you should only drink water between meals.

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