Detox Green Juice Recipe for Weight Loss and Glowing Skin

Detox your body, release the air out of your tummy, boosts metabolism, prevent hunger and cravings for unhealthy snacks by drinking this Detox Green Juice Recipe for Weight Loss and Glowing Skin.

Green juice is a number one weight loss juice and it has amazing health benefits. People who drink green juice, they not only lose weight, but they also lost the cravings for unhealthy sweets and unhealthy foods that caused them to put on unhealthy weight. This green is only made from vegetables and no fruits at all, but be prepared; for you are about to lose some weight and get an amazing detox that will help you get a glowing skin, feel better on the inside and look much younger.

6 celery stalks
5 kale leaves
2 broccoli stalks
5 pak choi

1. Make sure that you wash all your vegetables.

2. Juice celery first, then kale, then broccoli and then pak choi.

3. Stir them together and serve in a glass cup or drink it down. Enjoy.

Drink this green juice 3 times per day for 3 days; in the morning, in the afternoon and in the evening.

You can drink it right after you have a meal, but make sure your meals have very limited amount of grease in it and have lots of dietary fibres in it.

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