5 Health Benefits of Eating Papaya

Papaya is a small, hairy tree with a hollow trunk, big palmate leaves, and square smooth-skinned fruits (melons). The melons fruits are often gathered in a green state and placed to be ripened. When ripened, the flesh is great and juicy and alike in taste to other melons.

In historical materials, papayas were first described by the Spanish explorer Oviedo, who noticed it expanding over the Caribbean shorelines of Panama and Colombia. Soon after that, papayas were taken to other hot-weather lands by the Spaniards and Portuguese.

Papaya is alleged to be one of the most popular fruits of Christopher Columbus. The story says that after his crew arrived to America after a long sea journey on a meager rations, the local people welcomed them with a special feast, which caused stomach ache. The natives took the sick voyagers to the natural environment and gave them papaya and they were healed.

Benefits of papaya:

1) Papaya Helps Prevent Cancer
Papain, since it is able to breakdown proteins, it might be able to help strike the protecting coating found on cancer cells, stopping their growth. There is major concern in this spot of cancer and diet connection and how enzymes like papain may be used in helping deal with cancer.

Vitamin C and beta-carotene, each of which are rich in papaya, have been associated with a reduced risk of cancer, particularly colon cancer. Fiber can also lessen the quantity of cancer-causing toxins in the digestive process and papaya gives almost seven grams per serving. Due to its high anti-oxidant and anti parasitic qualities, it also makes an excellent addition to a regular detox or cleanse which could further increase immunity.

2) It Strengthens Blood
There is a lot in benefit in the use of papaya as a blood strengthener to help folks who have a medical issue called low blood platelets. This is a dangerous medical problem that can decrease the body’s clotting power and perhaps cause internal bleeding.

A study made on rats discovered that people given papaya leaf extract had a larger amount of platelet and red blood cell counts after seventy two hours as opposed to those in the control group. Scientists think that papaya extract may sooner or later be a cure for people with blood issues.

3) Papaya has Anti-viral properties
Papaya leaves have been used to treat dengue fever, a dangerous viral disease from mosquitoes in warm areas. In one special study, the leaves were combined with water and given to patients 2 times a day. This cure showed important decrease in viral action after 5 days.

Papain may be used to cure fungal and viral issues of the skin, such as warts or ringworm. It helps eliminate the layer of protein that guards viruses and fungi against harm, helping decrease their ability to recreate.

4) Papaya Helps Aid Digestion 
Compounds present in papayas allow us to break down and use proteins correctly; particularly papain allows you to break apart the bonds among amino acids, which are the structure blocks of proteins. Papain is like other types of enzymes produced in the pancreas that assist our bodies digest meat. But, these enzymes require acid for activation and papain can do the job without the existence of acid.

So, due to is capability to break apart proteins, this digestive enzyme may be useful for people having troubles with low abdomen acid who may not be able to tolerate eating particular types of meat. Additionally, it may help people with absorption issues better absorb protein as soon as it has been eaten.

People with digestive complaints such as ibs (Irritable bowel syndrome), leaky stomach, or autoimmune and inflammatory bowel disorders may benefit from adding papaya to their diet. Since papain is great for digestion, eating it in the morning can help the symptoms of morning illness for pregnant women. In case you are pregnant add a piece of papaya to your breakfast every day to help relax your stomach throughout the day.

Eating papaya will help to prevent bowel problems because of its high fiber content and may well be particularly helpful if you eat any type of prepared meat or if you overindulge. Papain is available as a supplement alone and is found in many digestive enzyme products. But, since eating papaya has a lot of other benefits, why don't you just enjoy this delicious fruit instead of having a supplement?

5) Papaya is Anti-aging 
Because of the high amounts of vitamin C, vitamin A, along with other flavonoids, papaya is an excellent fruit to help keep the skin strong and wrinkle-free. These vitamins work as anti-oxidants helping to stop free radical damage, the leading reason for aging.

Adding papayas to your diet will only benefit you, but please remember to eat it moderately.

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