6 Surprising Health Benefits of Coconut Water

Coconut water is filled with potassium, electrolytes and other essential nutrients that our bodies need. Green coconuts that are usually about the size of a small football are gathered at about five to seven months old, to get the most water out of it. This is so, because the older the coconut gets, the less water it will contain.

The origin of the coconut plant is unknown. Many scientists suggest Malaysia to be the likeliest spot, others says the north-west of South USA. The nut has spread globally, mostly through seafarers. The coconut nut is light and water resistant; it can hold itself afloat on top of the water, thus capable of being spread by currents. Currently it is grown in more than seventy countries across the world. The main countries are India and Indonesia.

Benefits of coconut water: 

1) Coconut water helps with weight loss 
The fat content in coconut water is very low, so large quantities can be taken with no fear of instantly packing on the weight. It also suppresses the hunger and allows you to feel full due to the rich source of nutrients it contains.

2) Coconut water contain vitamins
Coconut water gives you vitamins! Important vitamins discovered in this nut are Vitamin C and B. Vitamin C helps reinforce your immune system. Making an effort to prevent you from sickness that could interrupt your daily life. As well, B Vitamins help increase metabolism, which is perfect for the many people who focused on weight loss.

3) Coconut water is important for Blood Transfusion
Coconut water is actually identical to blood plasma and may be used as an intravenous fluid in countries where medical saline is inaccessible. Furthermore; it's also a common donor. In fact during The Second World War, coconut water was used instead of standard Intravenous fluid, because of the lack of the latter. Thus, coconut water demonstrated itself as the salvaging element while in that state of emergency.

4) Coconut water is Full of Nutrients
Unlike any other drinks that you can buy, coconut water contains 5 important electrolytes that exist in the human body such as: calcium and potassium. Due to the special composition, coconut water can be liked by persons with varying medical issues.

5) Coconut water Helps with Digestion
If you always encounter problems in the digestive process, coconut water can give a source of comfort. Due to the high power of fiber, it is great for the prevention of indigestion and it decreases the chance of acid reflux problems.

6) Coconut water Increases Hydration. 
The elements in coconut water are a lot more efficient at hydrating the human body compared to those sports and energy products. While in rigorous exercise or long periods of physical exercise, the human body loses mineral-rich liquids. Even so, coconut water is a great alternative medium with three hundred mg of potassium and five mg of healthy sugar per cup, unlike your preferred sports drink that only includes 1 / 2 of the potassium content and 5 times the quantity of processed sugar. Also, the sodium count is only twenty five milligrams, and that is relatively low than the forty and twenty milligrams found in sports liquids and energy drinks respectively.

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