Caraway Seeds Health Benefits and Uses

One of the more popular uses of Caraway root and seeds is in relieving flatulence, even in the very young.  It has been used for digestive problems for young and old alike.

Caraway is especially useful mixed with Cascara Sagrada and other herbal cathartics as a controlling factor, lessening the strong purgative effects making it less griping.

The oil of Caraway seed is used as an antiseptic as is the whole Caraway which relieves dental pain and discomfort.

Caraway has been used to relieve menstrual cramps.

Caraway is very similar to Anise and is recommended for the same purposes.

It is also good for:

Stimulating the Appetite

Removing mucus from the lungs

Promotes Menstruation

Relieves toothaches

Relieves Colic

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