The Healthy Smoothie Bible For Weight Lose, Body Detox And Disease Fighter

Whatever are your health goals, fitness regimen or daily routine “The Healthy Smoothie Bible” is composed of 100+ smoothies and it promised to have a smoothie for your every occasion. The smoothies provided in the “The Healthy Smoothie Bible” are rich in nutrients, delicious and fill with antioxidants that will help your body fights free radicals and burn fat. Further information can be obtained about this "smoothie book" by going to book link below.

The sample smoothie provided below is a fat burning one that is not included in the “The Healthy Smoothie Bible” book.

1 1/2 soymilk
1 1/2 frozen berries
1/2 cup protein powder
1 tbs almond butter

Add your soy milk into your blender firstly and then add all your other ingredient and a few ice cubes if you want and blend until smoothie is formed.
Pour into cup and drink/serve
Enjoy :)

Link to book: to get more info or your copy of the "The Healthy Smoothie Bible" recipe book, click here

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