The Slim-It-Down Diet Smoothies

Who doesn’t want to look good? You might be one among all who are striving to maintain your body weight and live healthy. You probably have been told to avoiding all sorts of food which contain calories in high amount and in spite of so many guidance and references, nothing seems to be working out for you. You are probably highly disappointed of your growing weight. But today, you can be completely slim and trim with perfect weight for your height and body. You may be able to achieve this by following the fabulous smoothies in this book.

If you really want to lose weight, then The Slim-It-Down Diet Smoothies book is definitely for you. All the smoothies provided in this book are low in calories and will burn fats faster than any other food you had. The food will also boost your metabolism as mentioned in the summary of this book.

These smoothies are rich in minerals and will improve the overall body health too. They have low fats, High proteins, low carb, low calories, sugar free and dairy free. There are around 100 smoothies, where some smoothies burn fats, some provide flat bellies and following some smoothies will result in slim body. A sample smoothie is provided below along with a link to the book.

Name of Sample Smoothie

Fast Diet Weight Loss Smoothie to Lose 20 lbs in 20 Days

1 scoop of vegan protein powder or 20 grams
1 ripe banana
1/4 cup of vegan cheese
1 Tbs. vegan peanut butter powder
1 cup of apple juice

Blend all your ingredients in a Vitamix or blender of your choice until your smoothie is made.
Pour into a glass cup and drink/serve.
Enjoy : )

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