The New Year Flat Belly Detox Water Recipe

This water will help you get and maintain a flat belly. I personally like flat belly and if you may ask, just know that my belly is flat and the person that I am courting has a flat belly too, but what about you?

Listen, the thing is true; this flat belly water is really a breakthrough and if you drink it, no doubt it will do the same for you.

Spring Water
1/2 Lemon
1 Cucumber

Slice up your cucumber and lemon and add them into water along with the mint and let it sit overnight or for at least 2 hours before you drink it. Do this every day or whenever you feel like.
Enjoy :)

But what makes this water so special?
This water is infused with cucumber which helps with water retention and reduces bloat in the gut, it also contains lemon and according to various studies, lemon is really a body detoxifier that helps the body to quickly get rid of waste. Mint is in it too, not only to give it some flavour, but to add all its powerful health benefits, so don’t be hesitant. Get started now!

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  1. This is naturally flavored water and she loves it. We have seen a lot of friends over Christmas and they all comment on it as they haven't seen one before. She is recommending to my friends with kids as think the kids one would be fabulous for little ones to get them away from sugary drinks at

  2. Great!!! @Roney Wilson... Healthy water.

  3. Can you please tell me how much water per recipe?

    1. Hi Anonymous, you can use 7 to 10 cups of water.

      Enjoy :-)

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