2 New Year's Drink Recipes That Will Rock Your World

New Year's Eve is a nice time to celebrate the upcoming New Year. However; we all know that the year should start off with something special, a moment to remember. I was wondering what could tap this all off, so I sought for something to capture the moment, but couldn't find anything really, not to worry, I came up with some amazing tastes by putting my thoughts together just to share with you. Let us raise our glasses for life and for family by celebrating it with a New Year's Eve drink to capture the moment, followed by reminiscing.
This is the first one and it is called Red Grape Wine Sorrel New Year's Eve Drink, because it is made from non-alcoholic red grape wine and sorrel. I just went into the super market, purchased a sorrel drink and a non-alcoholic red grape wine, mixed them together and added a slice of orange for a classy yet fun look. This is very simple to make, kid friendly and nice. I really enjoyed drinking it, because it tasted fizzy and Tangy. The combination will make your taste buds tinkle, so i think you will love it.

Sorrel Drink
Non-alcoholic Red Grape Wine

Purchase a large sorrel drink and a non-alcoholic red grape wine, mix them together in a large container and serve it with a slice of orange to top it off.

Truly, i think i will remember every New Year's Eve where i had actually consumed this amazing drink.
This is the second one and it is called White Cranberry Red Grape Wine New Year's Eve Drink. Trust me; you will like it because it is just fine and refreshing. While i was buying the grape wine, i also purchased a cranberry drink, so that options could be available, but i ended up drinking both of them and the taste this one gave me, kept bringing me back for more. I love it.

White Cranberry
Non-alcoholic Red Grape Wine

Purchase a white cranberry and a non-alcoholic red grape wine, mix them together in a large container and serve with some ice if you want.

I urge you to give them a try and drink them as much as you like.

Enjoy :)

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