Glowing Green Smoothie - The Beauty Detox

This smoothie is called the glowing green smoothie and you can basically drink this smoothie every day because it will help to keep you full, gives you a lot of energy and makes you more beautiful.

It allows your body to glow by rejuvenating the collagen in your skin and helps with healthy hair growth.

The fibre in this smoothie will help you to stay away from those caffeinated beverages and unhealthy snacks. It also has an amazing weight loss or slimming effect on the body, so let us get started right now with this smoothie...

2 cups of coconut water
3/4 pound of organic lettuce, rough chopped
1 handful of large spinach
5 celery stalks, cut in half
1 organic lemon, peeled, seeded
1/3 bunch organic parsley with stems

Place all your ingredients into your vitamix and blend until all the mixture become smoothie.

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