Green Juice Recipe For Energy Boosting

Sometimes I just don’t feel like getting out of bed; I wish the night could last a little longer. We need energy every day to carry out our daily duties, but there are times when our bodies run dry of energy and laziness takes over, causing us to leave everything undone.

Since recently, my friend Tindale Porter made a green juice that I had tried and it was great, it even made him do push-ups and exclaimed: “this juice has really given me some energy”, so I’d thought it would be a good thing to share it with you.

Please make organic foods your first option.
1 bundle of callaloo
2 pieces of ginger
sugar (add to taste)

1. Wash and add callaloo and ginger to a blender and blend thoroughly.
2. Strain juice using a strainer and add sugar or sweetener to taste.
3. Pour juice into a cup or container and drink or serve.
Enjoy :)

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