The New Year 2 Days Acne Cleanser Detox Water

I don't like acne and I hope you don't like it too because it can turn your beautiful face into a mess.

Acne is a disease that affects the oil gland inside the skin. The small holes you see on your body are called pores. They are connected to an oil gland beneath your epidermis that is called the sebaceous gland. An oily substance called sebum is made under your skin by these oil glands (sebaceous gland). These pores are connected to the oily gland by a tube like structure called the follicle.

The hair you see on your body, they grow through the follicles and come to the surface of your skin. The oil inside the follicle carries dead skin cells to the surface, so that they can be removed or washed away when you bathe. If the follicles are clogged up, the pores will close and a pimple filled with puss and dead bacteria will grow.

Acne can be very devastating and many people think that it should be treated from outside by just applying a cream, but new studies published all over the web have shown that the main causes of acne are internal issues such as stress, immune system breakdown, high level of estrogens, testosterone, lack of sleep, too much sugar in the blood etc.

So it is now time to fight acne from the inside out and not only from outside in. Rest assured, because you can begin fighting it internally using The New Year 2 Days Acne Cleanser Detox Water.

This acne cleanser detox water will help to reduce stress, boost your immune system, flush toxins from the skin and balance the hormones in your body.

1 lemon
3/4 pineapple
1/2 beetroot
1 cucumber
5 cups water

1. Use a sharp knife to peel and remove eyes from pineapple.

2. Wash lemon, cucumber, and beetroot under running water in a bowl.

3. Cut cucumber, beetroot, pineapple and lemon into small slices.

4. Add the sliced beetroot, pineapple, lemon and cucumber into a large water bottle or container and fill it up with water.

5. Place in into the cooler to sit for 1 to 2 hours before you drink it. You can also let it stay overnight for maximum results. 

You can repeat this process every week for two days until you begin to see amazing results.

Enjoy :-)

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