Healthy 5 Days Detox Water Recipe For Burning Fat

You are about to discover a detox water that will not only help you burn body fats, but will also boost the metabolism, speed up digestion and get rid of waste products out of your body.
You might very well be one of those persons out there that are suffering from being overweight, having poor digestion and high cholesterol.

You should be tired of trying all the new chemical products and starvation plans that claim to get you down to a size 1 or 2. And I wouldn't be surprised if you are also frustrated that you will never shed the extra pounds and look or feel the way you want to. Well, we have some solutions that may help your situation...

Just before I give you the solutions, let me ask you a question; are you sure you really want to lose that weight? If your answer is yes, then here are the solutions:

1. STOP eating late at night
2.STOP eating junk foods.
3. STOP eating too much at one meal.
4. THROW AWAY all Sweets, sugary, and refine products.
5. START EXERCISING at least 30 minutes a day.
6. EAT more grains, fruits, nuts and vegetables. Get a vegan meal plan.
7. Drink a lot of WATER, not all at once but throughout the day.
8. GET adequate amount of rest at least 8 hours.
9. I don't know how you will respond to this one if you are an atheist, but you should start praying to GOD for help health and strength.

When you try all these, I want you to come back here and tell me the results by leaving a comment in the commenting box below.

As stated above, drinking a lot of water is important, because it is the transportation by which waste products and toxins are carried out of the system. But there is a problem. Not all of you folks out there love to drink water and that's the reason The New Year 7 Fat Burner Detox Water is here. This water is geared towards helping you to drink more water, burn fat, flush toxins from the body and speed up digestion.

I can't wait for you to try it because I really want you to lose that weight and restore the physique of your body, so get started now.

1/2 grapefruit
3 tomatoes
1/2 cucumber
4 1/2 cups water

1. Wash fruits in a bowl under running water

2. Use a sharp knife to carefully cut tomatoes, grapefruit, and cucumber in small slices.

3. Add sliced fruits into a large glass or container, fill it up with filtered or purified water and place it into the cooler to sit for about 2 hours and then drink. You can let it stay overnight or for 6 hours to get maximum results.

Note: You should refill glass or container with water when it is finished and the fruits in it should be replaced after every three days.

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  1. Thanks for your water detox recipes. I've always put cucumber and lemon in my water but never with tomatoes- very interesting and new! I know for a fact that lemons make the water alkaline, which is excellent for our bodies. With the military diet, which I have tried - only water, black coffee and tea are allowed. No sugar. You can sweeten your cup though with Stevia, which is plant-based. If you need to see what other fat burning veggies are allowed in the military diet, see this amazing link:


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